Argo Labs


Company Building made in Berlin

Argo Labs is a company builder with global influence. We build our own start-ups, offer company building-as-a-service as well as support established companies through strategic partnerships.


We found our own start-ups and support talented entrepreneurs who want to bring their ideas to life

Company building-as-a-service

We transform your idea into a functioning business while you stay focused on your core business

Strategic partnership

We support your large-scale projects by innovating and scaling with you as well as creating the right culture

Entrepreneurship as core competency

Being real entrepreneurs, we support extraordinary people and their innovative ideas. Aside from the necessary infrastructure, experience and network, we offer one thing in peculiar: Entrepreneurial engagement. 

An argopreneur finishes what he started.

Entrepreneurial mindset

We are genuine founders. Commitment and devotion for a project are part of our DNA

Solution-oriented creativity

We reinvent ourselves on a regular basis and explore new horizons too distant for others

Process discipline

We identified best practices and processes that give us an unfair advantage

Our services & partners

Finding good software to work with often takes a lot of time and money. We don’t want our ventures to waste resources on this: Focus on your product while we make sure to provide the tools and contacts you need to do so.

Therefore, we have partners in all important sectors: Amazon Web Services provides our founders with cloud-infrastructure, MoBerries recruits the best talents, Asana ensures frictionless project management, the Business Angels Network Germany ensures a direct contact to investors and Signavio provides an efficient run-off of all processes.


Our partners are argopreneurs: Innovators, creators, movers, shakers and visionaries actively shaping our future.

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